When my neck pain was bad, I went through—I can’t remember how many pillows…firm, soft, overstuffed, feathers, brand names, hotel, orthopedic etc.—trying to find one that didn’t leave my neck worse in the morning. Finally I took a medium polyester filled pillow, removed some filling from the center to cradle my head, then used the extra filling to form a “hump” at the lower edge to support my neck, and that was about all that “worked,” but even that wasn’t perfect because the fluff kept compacting. The fancy shaped orthopedic pillows didn’t help. The neck support area always seemed too thick and the new fangled “visco-elastic” material never shaped to my neck (which had lost it’s normal lordotic curve years ago). So I always ended up whittling away at the foam, reshaping it again and again until I had to throw the pillow out. (Some in my neck/back pain group put their memory foam pillows through the dryer several times to soften them. I think I tried it once but it didn’t help.) The one with the little styrofoam beads didn’t help either. I opened it to remove some of them; they got everywhere and stuck to everything, and still my neck didn’t like it. And then there was the water pillow that I ordered online. No matter how much or little I filled that thing, it still wasn’t comfortable. And besides it was heavy with all that water sloshing around and lifting it was tough on my neck.

From all this trying of pillows, it became clear to me, there was no “magic” pillow when one’s neck is inflamed and painful. Some can make it worse, especially the high, over stuffed ones that force your neck to curve into flexion/kephosis (“C” curve). But most won’t help reduce pain that’s already there because of long term poor posture.

Well my neck pain is gone thanks to my new posturally correct self. Currently, I have a nondescript, unmodified, no-name pillow that works fine. I have been thinking of getting a slightly firmer one because I always sleep on my side now. A far cry from when I slept rigidly on my back, towel rolls under the ends of my pillow to prevent my head from rolling to either side.