Rear and Side View Car Mirrors

A panoramic rear view mirror* became a necessity when my neck muscles were so spasmed I could barely turn my head.  To this day, I still use a panoramic rear view mirror, because it feels wrong not to.  Why don’t all cars come so equipped?  They have loads of new technology and safety equipment,  front and side airbags, hands-free blue tooth, GPS, T.V. and wired for mobile everything.  A simple panoramic rear view mirror seems a no-brainer. (However, when I couldn’t turn my head at all, I didn’t dare drive even with the panoramic mirror; it was just too dangerous.)

*Auto parts stores have inexpensive, light-weight panoramic rear view mirrors that fit over the existing rear view mirror.

To help with seeing cars  in the blind spot, I use a little stick-on convex mirror in the corner of the driver’s side-view mirror.  This was another necessity when my neck was so stiff and now I still use it.